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Don’t skip this important step when buying a new construction home in Austin!

The Crucial Step Most New Homeowners Overlook: The 11-Month Inspection

When you purchase a new construction home, there’s a crucial step that many homeowners, including myself, often overlook. I didn’t realize the importance of this step when I bought my first home, but as a real estate agent with experience selling numerous new construction homes, I’ve learned that this one inspection can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

What is the 11-Month Inspection?

The 11-month inspection is a comprehensive evaluation of your new home conducted just before the end of your builder’s one-year warranty period. Here’s why it’s so important:

  • Covers Everything Under Warranty: Most new construction homes come with a one-year warranty that covers a wide range of issues, from major systems like HVAC and plumbing to minor cosmetic issues such as settlement cracks in the sheetrock or mortar.
  • Identifies Hidden Problems: After living in your home for nearly a year, you’ll have had time to uncover issues that weren’t apparent during the initial purchase inspection. These can include problems with appliances, heating, and cooling systems, or other elements that have only shown up with regular use.
  • Maximizes Warranty Benefits: By waiting until close to the end of the warranty period, you can compile a comprehensive list of issues for the builder to address all at once. This avoids the builder coming out multiple times for minor fixes and ensures that you don’t miss out on any repairs that the warranty should cover.

My Personal Experience

When I bought my first new construction home, I wasn’t a real estate agent, and I didn’t know about the 11-month inspection. Years later, when selling the home, we faced thousands of dollars in repairs that could have been covered under the builder’s warranty if we had conducted the inspection.

Common Issues Found During the 11-Month Inspection

  • Settlement Cracks: These are minor cracks in the sheetrock or mortar that occur as the house settles.
  • Plumbing Problems: Issues with pipes, faucets, or drains that only become apparent after regular use.
  • HVAC Issues: Problems with heating and cooling systems that emerge over time.
  • Electrical Issues: Faults in wiring or fixtures that weren’t detected initially.

The Process of the 11-Month Inspection

  1. Hire a Professional Inspector: Choose an experienced inspector who specializes in new construction homes.
  2. Schedule the Inspection: Plan the inspection for about 11 months after moving in.
  3. Review the Report: Carefully go through the inspection report and list all identified issues.
  4. Submit a Warranty Request: Provide the inspection report to your builder’s warranty department and request that all items be addressed.

Had I known about the 11-month inspection when I bought my first home, I could have avoided many repair costs later. Now, with my new home, I’m already seeing minor issues and plan to get an inspection as we approach the one-year mark.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Ensure you take advantage of the builder’s warranty by scheduling an 11-month inspection. This crucial step will help you catch and fix any issues before the warranty expires, saving you from unexpected repair costs in the future.


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